Gambling addict Malachy McNulty finds work as a teacher after his release from prison.

Malachy McNulty is released from jail after serving 1.5 of his 6-year sentence and quickly finds a teaching position at Tendall College Carlow, a secondary institution located near his former post as principal of St. Francis College. He was found guilty because he stole 100,000 Euros to use at the casino after forging Father Paddy Byrne’s signature multiple times between 2017 and 2019. The judge in this case, Keenan Johnson, called the defendant’s actions a “gross breach of trust” and “breach of duty of care.” The former employer is currently owing the 39-year-old 60,000 Euros. He’s trying to break his gambling habit and is involved in the “Gamblers Anonymous” group therapy session.


He transferred from St. Francis to Tendall after serving time in prison.

Malachy McNulty, formerly the principal of the children’s school St. Francis College in Portlaoise, has taken a post at the nearby Tendall College Carlow (about 40 kilometers away). He stole a huge sum of money (100,000 euros) to gamble with between 2017 and 2019. This was accomplished by regularly forging the signature of Father Paddy Byrne, co-chairman of the school board. As a result, he became a captive. The court really gave him a 6-year term, but he only served 1.5 of that, thus the remaining 4.5 years were suspended. Despite this, his previous employer is demanding €60,000 ($61,200) from him as repayment for his release. The Irish Sun newspaper provides a comprehensive look at the repercussions of compulsive gambling.


A sign reading “Everyone is welcome here” greets visitors to the brand-new school where McNulty will be working. The Irish Sun was unable to learn any details about the new school since its administration refused to comment.


361 indictments

McNulty wrote at least 63 checks when he was in charge at St. Francis College. Forty-eight of those signatures were forgeries, while the rest were genuine signatures from Father Paddy Byrne. All of the principal’s actions constitute violations of the duty of care and serious breaches of trust, according to Judge Keenan Johnson.


He was facing 361 separate charges. In addition, he only admitted culpability for 15 of these offenses.


Fighting gambling addiction is important to him.

Malachy McNulty has kicked his gambling habit and is on the road to recovery. He hopes to break free from the addiction that has driven him to this point of desperation. He does this by enrolling in Gamblers Anonymous, a support group for problem gamblers. It’s a lot like AA in that it helps people overcome their drinking problems. This group is dedicated to uniting those whose lives have been affected by compulsive gambling. This group provides its members with resources and support to overcome their gambling addiction.


If McNulty truly wants to become better, he has to make the choice to cut down or eliminate his gambling. It’s a big step, but the first one is accepting this.

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