Aroma Massage

A Harmonized Synergy based on Chinese, Egyptian and European Techniques combined with Aromatherapy oils ,leaving your body invigorated and the mind relaxed.

90 mins      1,500
120 mins    1,800

Swedish Massage

This classic massage promotes a feeling of happiness through activation of blood circulation. It improves peace of muscle and skin tissue.

90 mins      1,500
120 mins   1,800

Thai Traditional Massage

An art with ancient traditions using force on pressure points, muscles and ligaments, by stretching and bending, the spine is elongated and relieved of tension as the joints are stretched. The sense of well-being, and flexibility brought back into your body is extraordinary.

60 mins      650
90 mins      890
120 mins      1,100

Thai Traditional and Herbal Pack Massage

Includes a Thai traditional massage followed with a relaxing herbal pack massage. This helps relieve tight and tension muscles.

90 mins      1,100
120 mins    1,390

Reflexology & Foot Massage

Feel stress and tension free as you are massaged through acupressure points on the feet. A deep relaxing treatment.

60 mins      650
90 mins      890

Chi - Nei - Tsang(Second Brain : Abdominal Massage )

Internal massage using technique based on Taoism thought. It Normalizes the flow of energy in the major systems of the body, such as the respiration, circulation of blood / lymph fluid, end of each part of nerves / muscles, body, promptly removing unpleasant mood and symptoms which revitalizes the whole body. This massage is also effective for promoting drainage of toxins accumulated in the gastrointestinal tract and lymph fluid flow, and also for those who suffer from problems of digestive organs such as abdominal distension, constipation etc.

60 mins      1,500

Remark: All rates are subject to 10% service charge.