A touch of Rejuvenation

Samsara is Sansakrit name, meaning a circle of life or circle of existence. The ancient visualized the universe circle as a constant play of enegies.

Samsara Spa in the city of Bangkok provides calm and relax atmosphere, based on the concept of luxury wellness and holistic oriental traditional treatment.

Samsara located at Saphan Khai BTS station with 2 minutes walking distance, within Jatujak area the famous week-end market that everyone would not be missed.

Samsara rejuvemation treatment provide body oil massage, shiatsu massage, Thai Traditional massage, Chi Nei Tsang, Body and Facial Treatments, Marble Hot Stone Therapy and Ayurvedic Treatments include Abyangha body detox, Shirodhara, Pindasveda, and head massage.Our exclusive program, is base on the vedic science (Ayur+veda) is directed towards strenghning your immune system and preventing disease.

The Healing benefit of Massage

Massage can be considered therapeutic foreplay. Touching and massage have well-know therapeutic effects on circulation, muscular relaxation, regulation of the nervous system and the immune system, increasing energy on all levels and balancing emotions.

Massage encourages the release of endorphins of well-being. Scented oils and incense have been used in devotional rituals to activate the subconscious and evoke a sense of connectedness with devine (opening the seven Chakras ). On a physical level the essential oils boost the immune system and are anti-bacterial.